Action Games

Stick action games rule! If you are looking for exciting action games, this is what you are looking for. There is a huge thrill in watching your guy mangle and demolish another guy. The only thing better, is when your guy takes out a whole bunch of other stick guys with an AK-47, Samurai sword or crushes them with a big, heavy object like a tank or shipping crate.

Action stick games run the gambit of flash game concepts. Try and pull off the ultimate heist or go after the bad stick guys with your SWAT team. There is plenty of fun to be had just trying to get your guy through an obstacle course without turning him into a pile of kindling. Of course, there is a certain amount of fun in just destroying a stick guy by launching him in the air to see how far he will fly or shooting him with an arrow. Whatever suits your mood, there is a stick action game for you!