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Stickman Archery

Stickman Archery

Description: You have probably heard of the story of William Tell, where the titular hero shot an apple off of a child's head using a crossbow. In Stickman Archery, you will be challenged with performing the same feat. No children can be harmed in this shooting game, but it is certain that you will inflicting pain upon a stickman. The stickman has three lives at the beginning of the game. If you miss your shot completely, you are given unlimited chances to retry, but if your arrow hits the stick figure, he will lose one life. If you manage to hit the apple, no lives are lost, but the stickman will still suffer, exploding into a spray of bloody mist. Levels in this game are similar, with the only exception being an increase of distance between you and your target. See how good of a marksman you are in this addictive stick game!