Shooting Games

Stick shooting games are a classic that never goes out of style! One advantage stick games have over other action games is the fact that the developers put all their energy into making the game play well. Flash stick shooting games are some of the most fun to play because they almost never crash and the action moves as fast as you can click the mouse.

One of the greatest thrills in stick shooting games is watching a stick guy dance as he tries to avoid getting his little stick legs and arms shot off. If you are looking for big buckets of blood, sniper games are sure to satisfy. Wiping out a whole bunch of stick guys with a tank or shotgun is a great way to relive stress.

No matter what your mood, there is a stick shooting game to make you happy. Arrows, guns, tanks and even bombs are available to help you demolish stick guys. Pick your favorite weapon and start turning those stick guys into so much firewood right now!